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Adriana Cheraso

Adriana Cheraso

Adriana is a native Floridian. Originally from South Florida, she has lived all over the state, mostly moving around for education. Her most recent city of residence includes Jacksonville where she lived for 4.5 years working and obtaining her bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of North Florida. She is currently living in Gainesville where she is studying for her master’s degree in health sciences – environmental and global health, at the University of Florida. Adriana has a passion for traveling and loves to explore whichever city she’s living in. Keep an eye out for pieces relating to Gainesville and the surrounding central areas!


Jade White

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Born and raised in South Florida, Jade has spent many years traveling the country and Europe before finally setting down her roots in Jacksonville. She fell in love with the great blend of diversity and culture, parks and recreation, and Southern hospitality that Jacksonville has to offer.

She and her family love taking advantage of every opportunity to explore new places! They are always going on adventures to find the unknown. With a background in real estate, Jade also doubles as a photographer and enjoys capturing those unforgettable moments so they last a lifetime! Stay tuned for the family-friendly fun posts by Jade!


Ashton Elder

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Ashton was born and raised in the South but has lived and traveled all over the US and has called Florida home for six years. She loves finding unique travel destination in the Southern US to feature on TOTC. Ashton is also a holiday nut-so she tries to get in as many festive holiday pieces on the blog as possible. Ashton also has a passion for art, music and interior design. This passion drives her to find new and exciting places to discover those things on the First Coast because she is a huge fan of the shop local movement.

Ashton holds a degree from the University of North Florida where she studied political science, journalism and mass communications. In addition to working in marketing and real estate, Ashton has worked as a reporter for several news outlets and publications.