The Perfect Day in Palm Beach: A Local’s Guide

I recently spent a week in South Florida for the holidays. If you’re travelling south soon or would like to plan a visit, read on to discover the treasures of South Florida! 

As a native South Floridian, Jacksonville was the first major city move I had made in my life. I found North Florida to be very different-almost like another state compared to my home in South Florida. If you decide to come down for a visit check out my local’s guide to a perfect day in Palm Beach.
In this particular visit, I spent a day on Palm Beach Island and the CityPlace area of West Palm Beach. We began the day by driving to Palm Beach and renting bikes from the Palm Beach Bicycle Trail Shop, this shop has been in business for decades and they have an extremely welcoming and helpful staff.

The Bike shop is nestled in a small shopping and dining area on palm beach, we had a little trouble finding the shop since they had moved recently. They are located just off Coconaut Row for reference. The cost to rent a bike is $15/hr per person, if you’re planning on spending more than four hours on the trail check out their website pricing here. Once you’ve rented the bikes you can begin your adventure! The official trail is 10 miles long, but you are more than welcome to do as little or as much as you’d like! Our family has always ridden north on the trail and stopped at the Palm Beach Inlet. This all-encompassing view gives you a look at Peanut Island, Singer Island, and a peek of the Atlantic Ocean! There is a dock that you can stop and take pictures on and even take a quick dip in the ocean if you are feeling brave enough!

Once we’ve had our fill of the gorgeous ocean and island views we head back to the shop to return the bikes. While biking this trail you’ll see gorgeous mansions that border the intracoastal waterway. I always enjoy cruising along and imagining what it would be like to live in a house as big and magnificent as those!

When you have returned the bikes, you can walk around Palm Beach where you’ll find all sorts of unique local shops and restaurants.

Other enticing activities on Palm Beach include a visit to the historic Flagler Museum and a stroll down Worth Avenue. Once you’ve had your fill of Palm Beach, hop back in your car and take the bridge back over to West Palm Beach’s CityPlace! This little downtown area hosts a plethora of activity. Take a stroll down the main strip and you’ll recognize many popular stores. Here you can check out a free concert at the stage across from the Il Bellagio Restaurant. If you’re looking for a snack you must try Sloan’s Ice Cream!img_4351

This dessert wonderland is brightly colored, filled with homemade ice cream, truffles, chocolates and silly themed gifts for all! If you have more time to spend here in CityPlace, you can see a movie at the AMC Theater just across the way, catch a comedy show at the Palm Beach Improv, or enjoy a dinner and live music at BB King’s Blues Club. If you would like to enjoy food and drinks with more of a water view of the trac, take the free trolley at one of the many trolley stops in CityPlace and you’ll arrive on Clematis Street.
Clematis 2

Clematis has a variety of one of a kind restaurants and bars and is the perfect place to sample more of what the region has to offer. After dining there you can take a short walk to the dock on the intracoastal and watch the boats go by as the sun sets.


So there you have it, your guide to the perfect day in Palm Beach! The next time you’re looking for an affordable place to plan a quick getaway come down to South Florida and check out my hometown…and now you can experience it like a local!

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