Host a Winter Beach Bonfire Party

If you’re looking for a unique gathering to host this winter what could be more festive than a winter bonfire on the beach? Atlantic Beach is one of the Jacksonville area’s most festive beaches and during the winter months the city of Atlantic Beach allows for the public to apply for permits to have beach fires after sundown.


Apply for a permit with the city of Atlantic Beach here the permit costs $26.75 for one fire pit which can host up to 20 guests.


This is the perfect time to host a beach bonfire party because according to the city’s website, no open fires are allowed on the beach during sea turtle nesting season which is March 1 through Oct. 31 by Florida State law.
There are multiple pits available near several beach access areas once the city issues you a permit when they approve your application.


Once you submit your application the city usually issues you a permit within 24 hours. After you have your permit you’re ready to host your winter bonfire!

To stock up for the night head around the corner to Lucky’s Market in Neptune Beach to get all your bonfire essentials.


The Menu

S’mores (obviously) but there are several ways to get creative with the food you serve at your bonfire.

Lucky’s has a great unique selection of candy in bulk as well as chocolate and yogurt covered pretzels which can help you get creative with your s’mores toppings. Lucky’s also has a great selection of gourmet chocolate in a variety of exotic flavors such as chili, quinoa, brown butter and bacon.


The city of Atlantic Beach states that alcoholic beverages are not allowed during the beach fires but that doesn’t mean you can’t serve wonderful non-alcoholic drink options like hot chocolate, which is perfect for a winter bonfire. In addition to hot chocolate there are several ways to get creative with your party beverages when shopping at Lucky’s. The store has fresh in house squeezed juice and an assortment of uncommon beverages like cane cola, birch beer, butterscotch beer and organic green apple soda.

Party Set Up


The permits allow for beach fires near certain areas on the beach near public beach access. One area we would suggest applying for a permit in would be the 7th street beach access because it is near a lot of public parking areas and public restrooms.

Allow yourself a little time before sunset to set up and start the fire. Make sure you bring things like folding tables and beach chairs along with any other additional items like blankets and party favors to set up for your guests. We would suggest getting cheap party favors like glow necklaces or glow sticks which can be bought at Walmart or any craft store like Michael’s and sparklers- and remember to be safe with the sparklers!

One of the best things about living on the first coast is the access to the area’s beautiful beaches and this winter season is the perfect time to make use of that by hosting a bonfire party- and we found out this past weekend that it’s a fact that s’mores taste better cooked over an open flame on the beach! Hope you’re bonfire is as fun as ours!


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