Eleven Wings JEWELRY at the atlantic beach arts market

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which is located in Atlantic Beach at 1805 Mayport Road. According to their website “ABAM, established in November 2018, is a 5,000 square foot creative space featuring over 90 local artists and vendors, a learning studio, and a vintage market. ABAM offers a variety of items to fit all your buying needs, including wall art, jewelry, paintings, pottery, glass, fine art, vintage items, handmade gifts, and much more.” 

We were able to interview one of our friends local jewelry designer, Lisa Brito who sells her collection at the market. Lisa explains her design philosophy behind her jewelry collection, Eleven Wings: “I get inspiration from so many different things: other jewelry, the ocean, the weather, plants. I like to see certain colors in flowers and try to match that with pendants and other elements.” 

Brito walked us through various pieces in her collection displayed at the Arts Market.

Brito explains that her designs are focused on natural stones and materials. “I use a lot of semi-precious gemstone beads lapis, amanzonite, turquoise…I try to keep it all genuine stones. I use a lot of gold plated brass that seems to wear very well. I try to keep it like a bohemian, earthy type of feel,”Brito explains her process behind starting a new jewelry collection, “I try to make collections in colors. I start making one piece and I start adding to it along color lines. I try to keep it earth tones and neutrals but I feel like you always have to have some pops of color,” she says.

“I have some statement pieces that are minimalist but I also do big chunky statement pieces. I try to make something for everyone.” 

Artist Lisa Brtio of Eleven Wings

Artist Julie Weaver explains more about the Atlantic Beach Arts Market. 

“The arts market has been here almost two years. Currently we have 95 various artists that are all local artists with local work which makes it really special.

Weaver continued,

Shopping local is huge, it plays a big part in sustaining the community, encouraging the community and loving the community. You get things here [at the arts market] that you just can’t get anywhere else. These are things that are just special to this area and their one of a kind,” she says.  

You can purchase Lisa’s jewelry Eleven Wings at the Atlantic Beach Arts Market 7 days a week from 10 AM-5 PM. You can also purchase online at her Etsy store here. Also check out Eleven Wings LLC on Facebook and Instagram.

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