5 Easy April Fools’ Day Pranks

April Fools’ Day falls on a Saturday this year so it’s the perfect opportunity to prank friends and family all day long. Here are five harmless pranks to pull for some fun laughs!

1. pass the salt

This one is a classic where you replace the salt in the salt shaker with some sugar. The tastebuds of the person you’re pranking will be very surprised when they taste sweetness instead of salt. This prank could also be done by switching sugar with salt– careful messing with someone’s morning coffee though!

2. Techy Toaster

This can be done with any appliance that is on the newer side, and works best with an appliance you just bought. Tell the person you’re pranking that you just found out that your appliance is voice-activated. Sit back and enjoy as you watch them yell at a toaster.

3. Bugging Out

This one can be done in a few different ways. You can print out an image of a spider or cockroach and cut it out, making sure to stay close to the shape, or try your best at hand drawing the bug– the bigger the better! Then, tape the bug to the inside of a lampshade. That way, when someone turns on the lamp, they’ll be met with a large insect. The other way to do this is buy a fake, plastic bug from the store and place it by somewhere they’re likely to touch. Either way, the person being pranked will be sure to run for the hills!

4. No shampoo

This prank works best if the person being pranked has just gotten new shampoo, but can also work with a bottle that is mostly full. Unscrew the cap and place saran wrap (or simply tape it) over the opening. Screw the cap back on and let them figure out why their full bottle of shampoo is suddenly not working. This can also be done with bottles of lotion, conditioner, hand sanitizer, etc.

5. Popping Rug

If you typically order a lot of things, you most likely have some bubble wrap laying around. Use this bubble wrap to put underneath a rug so when someone walks over it, they are met with a very surprising POP!

Enjoy pulling these practical jokes on your loved ones, and expect to be pranked back!

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