Haunted Savannah

October is here and that means it’s time for the ghosts and ghouls to come out haunting. Savannah, GA is only a few hours away from Jacksonville and it happens to be one of the most haunted cities in America. If you decide to take a trip we’ve compiled a list of some of the spookiest places for you to venture.

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5 of our favorite haunted places in Savannah

The Marshall House 

marshall house

If you are looking for a place to stay, and don’t mind sharing a room with spirited guests, then look no further than the Marshall House at 123 E Broughton St. The Marshall house originally built in 1851 is now a nice hotel, but back in its early days, it was anything but. In its history, the Marshall house was used as a civil war hospital, where some of the most brutal amputations on wounded soldiers were done without anesthetic. Today the screams of these former patients can be heard all throughout the building. There have also been reported sightings of the bones of these amputated limbs found under the floorboards of the building. Guests have reported voices and screams, apparitions appearing in the hallways, as well as flickering lights and faucets turning themselves off and on.  Check out their website to book your stay on your haunted Savannah trip.

Moon River Brewing Co.

moon river

Once featured on Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures, Moon River Brewing Co. has an exceptionally violent history. Originally built in 1821, the building was Savannah’s first hotel and post office. Once an upscale establishment, it became notorious for violent crime from many locals defending their southern honor from those from the north passing through. When Gen. Sherman passed through in 1864, the hotel closed, and remained unused until the 1990’s when Moon River Brewing took over. If you’re up for a drink with some of the ghostly residents, be prepared for the possibility of bottles being thrown, or maybe even being touched, slapped, or pushed by the spirits—and I’m not just talking about the drinks!


Bonaventure Cemetery 

Bonaventure cemetery spans 100 acres which makes this Savannah’s largest cemetery-and it’s also rumored to be the most haunted. Their Visitors Center is open every weekend and they give free, guided tours each month.  The cemetery also has a smartphone app with a map and written content included for visitors. Shannon Scott Tours also hosts Bonaventure Cemetery After Hours  where the cemetery is available for a late-night tour. pinkhouse

The Olde Pink House 

The Olde Pink House was originally the home of Revolutionary war hero James Habersham, Jr. It is now a five-star restaurant and rumored to be haunted by Habersham and other spirits. Many patrons and staff have reported sightings of ghostly figures and sounds inside the restaurant and downstairs at the bar. If you decide to visit The Olde Pink House you can dine on some delicious five star Southern cuisine and perhaps encounter some of the city’s most notorious ghosts.


Madison Square 

Madison Square is known to be one of Savannah’s most haunted outdoor areas. The bodies of British soldiers have been found underneath the elegant homes that line the square. If you venture through the square at night don’t be surprised if the flicker of the streetlight or the howl of the wind through the streets is really the angry spirit of one of these men looking to take revenge on a tourist who disrupts his resting place.

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Here’s a list of some great things going on in the city this month to check out on your haunted Savannah trip:

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