Newberry Cornfield Maze

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This past weekend, I was able to attend a spooky themed corn maze in Newberry, Florida. Newberry is a short 20-minute drive outside of Gainesville. This is the perfect event to get in the spooky season if you live in the north-central area of Florida. The Newberry Farm has everything your fall heart desires, including a corn maze, haunted house, mechanical bull and bonfire at night. This activity is perfect for families during the day and great for the older crowds who are looking for a good spook at night!

Neberry Corn Maze

Our group chose to head out on a cool Friday evening. Newberry is farther from the more populated Gainesville, so we were able to see lots of stars sparkling down at us once we arrived at the farm.

It is important to note that tickets were a reasonable $10 per person and it was cash only. We started by warming up by the cozy fire that greets you upon entering the farm. Once everyone had purchased their ticket, we decided to try out the haunted house first. We did have to wait in a line to enter, but it moved quickly, especially since there were a few scary characters walking around the line giving guests a fright while they waited. The entrance to the haunted house was made of a broken-down bus with an eerie masked figure perched on top.

I was relieved to learn that our group would be able to go through the house together. I will admit that I was a total scaredy-cat and held onto my friends for dear life while I walked through the haunt. I found it to be just the perfect balance of silly and scary with a plethora of dressed characters popping out at you among the differently themed rooms.

After the haunted house, we decided to try out the haunted corn maze, complete with its very own Michael Myers character from the Halloween movie series guarding the entrance. When you enter the maze you are immediately met with the sound of chainsaws revving.

Part of the excitement of this maze was that just when you think you’ve turned down a safe corner, an actor with a chainsaw will jump out and make you run screaming for your life further into the maze.

Without giving any hints away I will say that we did make it out despite the almost complete darkness and chainsaws at every cornet. I very much enjoyed this type of corn maze, it was my first time experiencing one that was haunted.

Overall, this is a great activity for families and friends. I highly recommend it if you live near this area. If you have smaller children, I would suggest going during the day when the scares aren’t quite so frightening. If you are looking for a pumpkin patch to check off of your list of fun fall activities, unfortunately this maze does not supply one, but there is a pumpkin patch located just down the road at Hodge Farms. Get out there and enjoy these fun fall activities!

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